Bruce loves God and his neighbor. He doesn’t just say it – he lives it. Bruce left a successful career as the senior partner of a multi-office law practice. God called Bruce to leave the comfort of that practice and start Administer Justice, one of the nation’s leading Christian Legal Aid Organizations.   In 2014, Bruce founded Gospel Justice Initiative (GJI).   GJI trains teams of people to engage legal injustice through local ministry and systemic advocacy. GJI’s vision is to see 1,000 gospel justice centers transforming lives in the name of Christ.

Bruce is a passionate speaker, merging his legal expertise with his biblical knowledge of God’s heart for justice. Bruce’s work with Administer Justice has earned several awards including World Magazine’s national Hope Award for Effective Compassion. A powerful advocate for the poor and vulnerable, Bruce encourages the church, attorneys, business leaders and individuals to step out of their comfort zone and serve their wounded neighbor in need. He is the author of Gospel Justice, providing help and hope for those oppressed by legal injustice. He and his wife, Helen, have twin sons and make their home in Elgin, Illinois.

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